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Can I pay my Credit Card bill with EasyWeb?

Yes, you can pay any TD Credit Card bill (Green, Emerald, Venture, Purchase Manager, First Class Travel, Platinum Travel, Gold Elite and Gold Select) using EasyWeb. Just add your TD Credit Card account to your Payee List.

For instructions on how to add a new Company to your Payee List, click here. You can also pay most of your other credit card bills (i.e., credit cards issued by other Canadian Financial Institutions) by adding them to your Payee List.

Alternatively, you can transfer funds to your TD Credit Card in the "Payments & Transfers" section of EasyWeb by selecting "Make a Transfer" from the left sub-menu.

Please note: if you wish to make a transfer To or From a TD Credit Card, the account's Current Available Credit will be updated immediately. The transaction will be posted to your TD Credit Card balance and Account Activity in 2 business days.